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Keterex: USB-150 Full Speed USB Isolator

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Keterex: USB-150 Full Speed USB Isolator
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USB-150: Full Speed USB Isolator



  • Isolates USB-based peripherals from a USB Host
  • Electrical Isolation to 2000Vrms
  • 5V Isolated Pass−thru Power up to 400mA
  • USB−Powered; No External Power Supply Required
  • Supports USB 2.0 Full Speed (12Mb/sec) (see FAQ)
  • Uses Standard USB A/B Cables
  • No Software or Device Drivers Required
  • Dimensions: 2.75"L x 2.0"W x 0.8"H
  • Applications:
    - Test and Measurement Benches
    - Industrial Computer and Control Systems
    - Embedded Systems Development


The Keterex USB-150 Full Speed USB Isolator provides up to 2000Vrms of galvanic isolation between a USB host and USB peripheral.  It is used in applications where a USB host and peripheral device operate at different ground potentials or where supply noise from the USB host needs to be eliminated.

The USB-150 Isolator is connected between the host and peripheral using standard USB A/B cables. An isolated 5V supply at up to 400mA is provided to the downstream device over the USB cable.  The Isolator is invisible to both the host and peripheral − no device driver or configuration is required.  Any full-speed USB device can be isolated using the USB-150 and standard USB cables.

Technical Documents

USB-150DS USB-150 Datasheet

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